Wow we made it to number 69! I knew this is a process but it never ceases to amaze me, and I’ve seen some screwed up shit. From Thanksgiving until now life has been a whirling dervish of hard core shit. Only weeks after Rachel’s father died, so did her mother completely unexpectedly. Her heart didn’t go into traditional arrest, it just stopped beating in her sleep. My heart breaks for her. Plus other surrounding events in my life, this holidays season has been remarkably unusual. It’s more important of course but our editing process has been disrupted. We now need a new editor that won’t flake and they seems hard to come by. I’ll try the local universities again but we really need a seasoned pro.

And I have to tell the truth; it has been very disheartening. I work to be patient but by nature, I have a very low threshold for frustration. Just ask Rachel or any of the kids I grew up with; I had some massive hissy-fits or sometimes just walked out of class and didn’t come back. I wouldn’t go far, I mean it started to really show when I was only six. Police and fire rescue were called. This was way before Amber alerts, bless her pilgrim soul. They found me on the playground right outside the building. I was a pain in the ass and gifted status so I designed creative ways to let the school know I felt patronized and to let my mom know how sad and isolated I felt. I got almost anything I asked for, but nothing I really needed.

I also now realize that foster pulled me in not just because of the problem, but because of how closely I can identify with it. That may sound ridiculous from a woman who had a completely different set of circumstances, but you would be surprised how much responsibility was heaped on my shoulders. Children should never be expected to know how to act like adults. However, like many children in foster, I found myself responsible for my baby sister, who was born when I was eight, when our housekeeper wasn’t around. I was that child, getting up at 3 am with the baby, because my mom was Prince Valium’d and my sisters dad was working or being a really heavy sleeper.

I was so maladjusted it’s insane. I had very few friends and was bullied mercilessly for being different. Lonely children are everywhere. Don’t assume that just because the family has means that the children are nurtured. Another point I connect with them on; nobody taught me skills for living and I spent an inordinate amount of time alone. Despite a privileged upbringing, I had a terrible time relating to other kids or rather they to me. I cried and prayed a lot, alone in my room. I was that kid alone on the swings looking down while everyone else played kickball or climbed our infamous nose breaking monkey bars. So I can empathize the emptiness that children in the care of the state must endure, as much as anyone who didn’t go through it themselves can.

As far as the production, we are still on course. We just had to make a lengthy pit-stop. We are continuing to gain support over social media and people, whether they remark or not, are reading what we write and post. Being disheartened at times is a good sign, it means I truly care about getting KINDRED done the absolute best it can be. We are not just a partnership or a production, Hoover Drive Productions are a family. And family should never be left behind or discarded due to inconvenience. So now we are shooting for release to festivals late this year, starting in August.

I must rewrite our indiegogo pitch and Rachel has decided that this is her best therapy so I am handing the editing reigns over to her today. I have to go procure a jump drive capable of holding all of the footage I shot and I’m not technical, so I’ll get some help on this one. But frankly, we don’t care what tries to stand in our way. Not grief nor illness nor locusts; we are hard on determined that this is the beginning of our contribution to society and to be pied pipers for these kids to let them know that they are not alone nor forgotten.

This project needs all of the help it can get. We are only two people with a dream that no child should have to fear for their safety or next meal. Start a conversation that matters and please, contribute what you can and pass it along to your friends. There are plenty of kids who end up there because their parents or caretaker died. And from what I’ve seen, the state can use your will for toilet paper through many tiny loopholes. This effects everyone so we ask that everyone be effected enough to help us on our quest for equality and justice for an entire nation of children that are silently being discarded themselves in one manor or another.

Please share our site We had to change over being so grassroots, we only had enough to pay for for a year. So please, help us help those who can’t help themselves. They need us more than you know. Please check out the info on our site and thank you for following our journey!


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