I’ve spent the past two days storyboarding. It’s the process of writing and/or drawing how you want each frame of the movie to look. Like paddle boarding, storyboarding requires me to paddle through a sea of clips and moments and find the linear flow of the message I wish to give to it. Having never done this process before, I didn’t think to draft in pencil. Lesson learned. I’ll be going along, forgot something I wanted to add, add be stuck with pen added at the end to be rearranged. Greater productions have thrived in much worse conditions. We’re following a path in the woods but we are on our own and have never done this before. A learning curve on both of our parts is to be expected and is a sign that you are gaining knowledge.
It’s transition time in both my and Rachel’s households. Another illumination of the cosmic symmetry in our lives. Her son Mike is going to college locally as a moving in freshman and my son is starting his freshman year of high school tomorrow. I’m so full of different emotions. I can no longer honestly say I have a child, I have a teenager. And I was 29 when I had him, which was what I had hoped for. I’ll only be 47 when he graduates. A few years ago, adding only to that sentence wouldn’t have happened but time is an interesting substance to be floating in.
We are almost upon the auspicious anniversary of both my mom’s birthday and the day we received an anonymous donation of $9000 to our Indiegogo account. It was one of the best days of my life. I have been through a lot of loss and pain; but to know that good things come out of nowhere as well gave me real hope. To truly hope means you have invested your heart and run the risk of getting very badly hurt. I have many times. I’m sure I will again because I wear my heart on my sleeve. So I figure, if I am going to get hurt anyway, it may as well be for a good reason.
The level on which I identify with the kids is primal. One interviewee referred to me as a “normie”, like someone who has led a normal(reasonably speaking)life. It is so far from that, some people cannot even believe my tale when they learn it. It’s a story for another time but suffice it to say I’ve lived through some extreme, improbable, extraordinary circumstances. For some people, it’s just so far from what they experience, they don’t want any part of the product of it, no matter how far I am from the person I used it allow myself to be. I get it but it still stings. Even in adult interactions, I get emotionally injured more easily than I let on. Then I remind myself that the world does not revolve around me and I have much better things to focus on. Like how to make KINDRED what it deserves it be. That we accomplish the task of raising conversation so that the topic of foster care is mainstreamed and widely, properly addressed.
By the time I got to finishing the entry, my son finished his first day of high school. He called to let us know he was out with friends around the neighborhood. Whew! No major issues and a good mood, for a young teen boy, is success. I remember my freshman year and it got dicey, even in my upper middle community. But that was the 80’s. So this pleases me greatly. Every kid deserves an over-thinking parent wondering if they are doing a good enough job and proud that their kiddo is progressing well. No matter how much I may bitch about the momentary inconveniences of raising a teenager, I know I’m blessed to have him. He makes me a better person. If only it worked that way for everybody.

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