I’m constantly humbled by the stories I hear associated with this subject. It’s like knives piercing my heart sometimes, so I suck it up and use that pain for them as motivation to make it stop. Have the majority of the stories be pleasant ones where the child is loved and nurtured. But I do, I feel for them. Each and every one of them and it’s not easy. I have learned to put up a filter and let my own positive energy over-ride anything I encounter. Plus knowing I am actively participating as part of the solution is a comfort. It’s a challenge not to empathize each scenario I hear, to experience the echo of their pain. Being an untrained empath is a liability, but now that I have had a year to face it, I’ve learned that the focus needs to be on my huge heart and it’s ability to want to help so many. Radiating the joy I know is possible on a larger scale and a positive vibe of facing the problem while choosing to live in the solution.

We are doing a complete overhaul on our website to celebrate our one year anniversary of becoming a legitimate company and campaign, August of 2014 was when we launched and on August 29th received the entire sum of our initial budget of $9ooo. That along with many small donations added up has brought us to almost 11,000 in donations. That’s incredible! We seriously had no idea what would come of the attempted campaign for KINDRED. We were prepared for the worst. How could our little grass root, optimistic project stand out against all of these great campaigns with huge production value? Getting the money would be like getting that three-pointer in at the buzzer and winning the game.

Partially, we were right. We got what we asked for and things began to gain momentum; that’s when we learned the game has multiple levels and we’re still on level 2 of 10. As soon as one task is accomplished, there’s another waiting to be executed. There’s so much I don’t know yet but I’m excited to learn. Everyday is a little different, but Rachel and I are constantly working on the campaign and fundraising wherever we can. It’s worth it to us to give of ourselves so that others may have better lives. We hope it becomes a trend, people actually engaging with something they find important. Each experience is subjective, of course, but speaking for myself, it has made all the difference. To me, it’s like a sixth sense emerging and it feels fantastic to know I can put it to the best use in the world; protecting kids.

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