Taking on a production of this nature where not just your professional reputation is on the line but possibly the welfare of many, many children is like becoming a parent again. I’m putting everything I have into it. And if I do my job right, Rachel does her’s, the stars align and we end up with a quality finished product; I fear my sense of satisfaction may be short lived because it will also do me in. Just as I would give my life for my son, I’d give my life for this child of ours as well.
I am preparing to travel to New Jersey to interview One Simple Wish, an NPO that grants wishes to kids in foster care. At the same time, across the country in Oregon, Rachel has just finished all of our grant application writing. We are low on funds for both the trip and the filing fee for our application. It’s nerve-wracking. Money. Even with all the love in our hearts and earnestness of our conviction to the cause, it all comes down to money. I really loathe that part.
Considering we are first timers in this process with no social media marketing experience, we have done reasonably well. We got our initial budget that covered purchasing the basic equipment; the camera, mic, light, laptop and editing software. It covered the costs associated with our first shoot in and my travel to Oregon to interview Mike, who is the inspiration for the film, and those associated with his placement. We never imagined that it would go further than that.
But our access to informational sources has soared. The interviews in New Jersey will be our fifteenth shooting session and we have an interviews with Friends of Foster Care and Young Seeds of Virtue in August. People have been wonderfully responsive to our inquires. There is no shortage of groups trying to improve the situation from various approaches but yet again, it all comes down to money. The whole system comes down to a question of money. Foster care is a big business for government contractors and states that profit from federal subsidies. Railing against it is a parabol to David and Goliath. In the story, because David is standing up and fighting for the safety of his entire group, it gives him the courage to face the giant and he wins.
My faith remains unshaken. My resolve unbroken. But we need more money to accomplish this task and need all the help we can get to obtain it. Let’s just say my trip will double as a great opportunity to diet because I don’t have enough money to feed myself during my stay. I am tremendously grateful for the friends and family that host me when I come to the area, but I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where my next meal on the trip, which I extended for several days to be available for more interviews we have been waiting to hear back on, is coming from. Ironic considering these children depend upon the system the same way that we depend upon contributions. It allows me to truly empathize with those who are in need. The difference is that my need is by choice. It is so we can do our jobs and hopefully fulfill some of those most basic needs of the most helpless among us being neglected by a system deluged by bureaucracy and overpopulation. Money. The altruist in me thinks it’s a crass, class dividing frivolity. But the advocate it me now knows it to be a necessary evil. Without money, the film won’t get finished and all of our work will be an exercise in futility.
I identify with these innocents without someone to care for them. I lost my parents and with them, all my money. Until that I was blind to the realities of survival. And that is what it comes down to. I have interviewed people who have had to do things to survive that take years for them to forgive themselves for. It’s truly a shame that it comes to that for anyone, especially children. Money is what it will take for us to produce a film that can help them not have to compromise their virtue for their survival.
I would do almost anything to be able to accomplish our goals. Luckily, I haven’t had to beg for anything in my life to meet my essential needs. But now, I am pleading for anybody who cares to contribute whatever they can. Fighting for trees and animals and anti-pollution is great but none of it will matter if we don’t have compassionate adults in the coming generations to care for our planet and the inhabitants of it. So please, check out Click the funding link that brings you to our Indiegogo campaign. Help us help them because if we don’t raise awareness with KINDRED, we are truly turning our back on America’s most needy and by doing so, sealing our own fate.
Help us finish our project so not only does the world become aware of the severity of the problem but let these kids know they are NOT alone. That society isn’t willing to throw them away. That people do care and are willing to support us so we may give a voice to the voiceless, to speak and fight for those who are unable to do it for themselves. Please visit our website or go directly to Indiegogo and search KINDRED.
We believe that miracles do happen. Please help us prove that true.

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