Fifty. Yes, fifty entries into this blog since starting KINDRED. I have to pause and honor that. I’ve been rightfully wary of the world for decades, but no other outrage and calling has ever effected me like this one. It was comparable to falling in love. I’ll only ever have one child but if I can be even a sliver of help in awareness being raised and any lives improved, wow is that a great contribution to society.  With momentum, it’s getting heavy and ever more complex. Everybody has that one thing in the back of their head, repeating “you have to do this.”  Join the wonderful, generous people who have been working to improve and secure children’s lives. You guys are all amazing and I thank you. The community is very friendly and responsive to our common goals. It is sincerely appreciated.

At the same time, I’ve had to learn how to film a movie. I got first hand observation on several occasions in decades spent around filmmakers and as Batfleck wrote in Argo, “You can teach a Reese’s monkey to be a director in a day.” I’ve studied film in many ways for most of my life, but knowing how you want a shot to look and how to achieve it in the final product are two totally different things. There’s cameras and I’m holding them for the first time.

Well not the first, I did a whole series on the Grey Cranes that live in my neighborhood. I got some beautiful shots of the babies. Then the baby bird got hit by a car very soon after. I posted a photo from that last shoot. I was broken up. Then a teenager in my neighborhood killed himself and my perspective shifted. Suicide is not a new subject for me. It’s how I lost my folks. But a kid. It jarred me to get involved directly with something that helped people. I can honestly not think of a group I fear for more than the collective foster care wards. The pictures of that bird stayed with people. What if people saw the stories of these kids?

I am filled with gratitude for all of it. Every down and mistake, every up and new interview or connection. It’s all a part of the lesson. I collectively put intention into the universe and the universe responded with my exact initial financial request. It’s like a magical force that has taken my offer. I have to keep up my end of the bargain and figure out how to do it great. Good isn’t good enough for this purpose. I have to continue to raise my game and go forth with the belief, true faith, that my involvement in this cause is meant to be and will make a difference. I can only hope fairy wings do exist. That there are angels and omens. This planet needs a serious wake up to the fact that our own destinies lay in our kindnesses to others.

We appreciate everybody who got us this far and need all the help we can get. Talk about foster care, please! Share what you’ve learned. Get involved in any way possible. These kids need all of us! Please check out and read our Indiegogo campaign through ‘funding’.

Sincerely, from Rachel and myself, thank you to everybody reading this. You have honored us with your time and interest. We look forward to big things ahead after a lot, a lot, I mean a lot of work. Wish us luck and like I said, please check out the campaign. We are funding for a New York area shoot. We have the ticket covered, but I must travel around the tri-state and hopefully, get to eat my people’s food. Matzoh ball soup sounds really good right now. I tried to make it once and BURNT it! Reversed physics right there on my stove. Let’s hope I get the heat level just right with KINDRED. It means the world to me.

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