What an amazing journey. This entire experience and the NY area shoot for KINDRED. As I was informed by my friend Brian, our master of sound, the real trek hasn’t even started yet. First we need a film. Then we need attention. That requires travel and promotion that will last for about two years. Then, if the stars align, we get our wish and widely release a film, book and project that can serve as a step to making a permanent, positive impact on the foster care situation.

I am meeting with our new editor on Tuesday. Hopefully we will jive and he will feel the passion for this project that the participants all do. A new trailer for exposure and funding purposes must be cut while we are finishing a rough cut of the full run of the movie. I still haven’t had a chance to look at all the footage but we got great stuff. I have so much appreciation for Bonnie, Heather, Justice Bryanne, and Desinee. Your contributions will be used carefully and be crafted for the greater good.

HUGE thank you’s go out to the Danziger, Rund and Arends families. They all were wonderful to me. They assisted and encouraged and they all went out of their way to give me a space of my own. It means so much to me to have people that wonderful in my life and two of them involved in the project. I even got to see snow for the first time in a decade. Honestly, biggest thanks to Karen, Maryellen and Rachel. The wives with busy lives who embraced my presence. Thank you ladies!

It snowed all day that I spent with Evan Danziger jamming and thinking up musical ambience. I’ll admit I was freezing but I didn’t whine once. I was just grateful we’ve gotten this far. Then when I interviewed Judge Bryanne, it snowed lightly and beautifully as I left her large upper east side home. I took it as a good omen. I smiled and stood still for a moment to just be there and feel it. It was like being a kid again, all I felt was happy. Then I jumped into a cab and went back to my family’s place, relieved and exhausted. I flew home very early the next morning.

The trip was a success and lessons were learned. Thank you to everyone who made that possible. Rachel and I have the sincerest hope that our work will become an important vehicle for change for the hundreds of thousands of little humans being processed like unwanted commodities. Please share our links with your friends, neighbors, teachers, spiritual advisors, teachers; anyone who cares about kids. Every bit of time, energy and money invested in this process and project matters and will be an eternal statement that we won’t let abuses like this stand.

Please use or send them to to see and share our trailer, posts, and info. Everything we do matters as I have learned. So please, help us help them out. I promise it will feel fantastic and the positive energy it creates will generate more.

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