It’s less than a week until our NYC area shoot begins. Everything is falling into place, including me! I spaszed and somehow just turning a tight corner I do everyday, I catch my last two toes and fracture them along with part of the foot. I am okay it is just ill timing. The protective boot works fine, I just need to find a left shoe of equal height to walk safely. And I need a cane; crutches just aren’t working. It’s not going to stop anything I need to do, only slow my pace a bit which is probably for the best. I need to pace my energy level and this somewhat forces that to happen.

Bless my friends who are allowing me to stay with them at different junctures of the trip. First I arrive and go directly to the only other place I consider home, with Evan and Rachel Danziger. Evan is our music supervisor, composer and the closest male friend I have ever been blessed enough to have. So much so, with most of my family deceased or out of the picture, he has become my sibling. His wife is an angel. Really I couldn’t adore this girl more and they couldn’t be a better match. Plus they always greet me with bagel, lox and cream cheese for breakfast as tradition. How could anybody not love people like that?

Then I go into NYC to my cousin Keith’s midtown multilevel apartment. It’s cozy and beautiful in a family friendly neighborhood you wouldn’t expect existed. Keith has always supported my artistic pursuits and career ambitions. It always meant a lot. His wife Karen is one of the top event planners in the city and hopefully, her services will be needed as things progress. They have two daughters so far apart from my age I call them nieces, and I cannot wait to be on the floor with them and soak in all that little girl energy. I foresee some coloring and maybe some braiding if time allows. I am there with a small job to do.

Brian and Maryellen Rund have been friends for decades. They, along with Evan and my husband, painted and decorated my son’s nursery to my obsessive pregnant specifications while I had to keep clear of the fumes. They generously offered for me to come to them for the extended last leg of the trip, enabling me more interviews like Justice Brianne Hamill. Plus, with Brian being the post supervisor and consultant, we can go over footage since his studio is set up at home. They have two girls as well that I haven’t met yet. I’m sure we will get along great. They have incredibly cool, kind parents.

There’s so much more we are discovering as each day reveals itself. We have done tons of research but there’s no end to the septic tank of a system and those who prey upon it. Rehoming is a movie in and of itself! When I asked in my subtitle question where these kids were, this is a major part of the answer to that mystery. They are being taken in for the money then resold to people so unscrupulous they can’t even meet the DHS requirements. How some of those folks get approved is a bigger mystery, I guess they need to get rid of the kids any way they can, imagine the intention of someone too low to even meet that shoddy standard. Disgusting!

So these are the things I want from the Universe for this trip and project. It is very important to ask for what you want very humbly and specifically for manifestation. I want my son’s health to clear up so he can return to regular school but most importantly performance arts which he loves so much. I want the pain in my foot to stop and heal miraculously quickly. I want safe, negatively uneventful travel. If I asked for completely uneventful; I may miss meeting someone or hearing something important to my mission.

I want to be one with my equipment. It gets easier every time, but I still have so much to learn. At least I resolved an editorial issue. Our young editor who seemed solid rudely flaked out on the project, without cause or explaining. He set the Final Cut to a setting we couldn’t figure out how to undue and wouldn’t unfreeze it. So I ask that I get past that and everybody who commits to this project does so with truth and passion. I need a new mic as mine does not seem to work at all and I need and want to get beautiful exterior footage as well.

I want to fall asleep and wake up with a smile on my face, knowing I am being true to the voice inside of me screaming go for it! I want to feel energized, elated, thoughtful, confident, calm, loved, loving, appreciative, generous, vulnerable, brave, justified, resilient, respected and influential. I want to raise at least a dollar for every kid in foster care to be used to help them, in some cases save them. I ask that the universe take my good intention and continue to give it momentum. I ask for guidance in this process. I ask for the Sundance grant or grants; as many as we can get along with investors. I ask the film to be so popular and well received that it causes real change from legislation to immediate needs.

I ask any and all of you to help any way you can. Please read our info, pass along our link, donate please as we can only run on donated funds, discuss the issue and what you’ve learned. Please be so outraged that you join the KINDRED conversation and direct all your friends and family to and read it all, including our Indiegogo campaign by clicking funding. I ask that all the forces of nature conspire in our favor and help us take what was once an idea to full circle salvation for child slaves and neglected hearts and lives. I ask to be the best version of myself and continue to grow and evolve constantly. I ask for world peace and comfort for all of those in need.

I ask for KINDRED to become more than we ever imagined and that it helps innumerable children for generations to come. I ask for and to dwell in the purest form of love. I ask that my life means something positive and lasting. I ask to be the champion for these children. I ask for my team to be blessed and hang on with me. I ask for health, wealth and happiness and I wish for thousands of adoptions to happen and mentor relationships founded because this project exists.

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