I am in awe of the way that the KINDRED project has taken a life of it’s own. It’s growing and evolving each time a new contributor enters the picture. Yesterday my editor/assistant and I took a drive to the edge of the Atlantic ocean to interview Dina and Steven Wentworth. Dina is an incredible woman who went from being a guardian et litem which is a person, usually a lawyer, that a court will appoint to oversee the wellbeing of a ward of the court. Then she and her husband became foster parents, eventually adopting three boys. They were taking in middle-of-the-night emergency cases; children with a grocery sized bag of belongings or supplies. The contents of those tiny bags are the only permanent parts of that child’s life. Usually they are garbage bags, conveying the disposability of this child’s existence.

I also got to interview her son Steven, now 20. He is a remarkable young man who’s story shook me down to the core. Listening to how such a wonderful child was so seriously abused, it really hurts. I’m honored to be the witness and advocate for these people but I pay a price. It can be very hard not to be physically effected by a story that’s not happening in the present. I can’t thank this young man enough for speaking his truth and sharing it with me, with us. I told him how brave he is and how we will use what we learn to protect and help others. That all of the love that his adoptive family has given to him so freely, he just returned that love and kindness to the universe. He said it made him feel better than just about anything else than anyone has ever said to him. We shared a precious hug where I forced myself to fight back tears.

As magical as these experiences are, the money needed to fund them and the exposure of the film is tangible. We need everyone reading this to please, just please share our link to and that our funding is on the site or direct through Indiegogo. We are busting our asses on all sides to produce something of quality that has the potential to improve countless lives. To share information we have gathered about grants, mentoring  and plans for more involved mentoring and foster to foster connections in the future.

We still need to raise money for the director to travel to conduct further interviews and get our supplies set for our promotion. Donations at this time are in desperate need! Please do all you can to help us accomplish this essential work.

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