Well, we all made it to the second half of December. Bravo to all of us! I have found that what’s on the outside can be negligently false. Everybody has something harsh they cope with daily. It always makes me think of the kids. I contrast, not compare, to what most of them have going on at the time against whatever ultra first wold bullshit I have going on. It both inspires me to transcend and stokes my warrior’s fire to make the evil stop. It breaks my heart to acknowledge that evil exists, but perhaps true good couldn’t exist without it.

We are gaining momentum and it is out of sight! As we keep working hard on the project, opportunities pop up and the synchronicity is astounding. Our editor, Philip, is also my local grocer. He’s such a sweetheart who looks like Michael Or, the homeless child turned pro-footballer. I am about 5’7″, he is at least 6’7″. We are cranking through cutting a trailer for fundraising and publicity. It’s a giddy experience but also intense. I’ve seen a lot of media and have very specific ideas about the editing. We communicate great even though he’s only 25. But he’s brilliantly talented. I happened upon a goldmine. He wishes to go to LA when he is able and try to work.

It’s awesome! We have secured an interview with a reporter from The Miami Herald who strings for the New York Post. A relative sent me an article he did on the stealing of state subsidies by foster parents who had already kicked out or given back the kids. The interview will be in Miami in early January. We are very grateful and excited. We also have feelers out for other key content. There’s much more I want to shoot, but the circumstances are guiding me there so I choose to surrender and trust it. Sometimes I still wish I was a superhero. There is so much that needs to be fixed and it angers me to leave these kids in these situations for one minute longer.

This year, there is much to celebrate! So many loved ones have reached milestones or had experiences that have changed them for the better. Myself…I am grateful for everyone reading this. All of our lives are intertwined. I got to start a production company and do this nobel homage to a huge, scary subject. We are pulled to keep plugging forward. No matter what, I always will. I am really pissed off at so many of these people. This reflects terribly on the good foster parents. making the kind ones look guilty or inept by association.

I’ve also been hard at work writing the Indiegogo update. We have made a ton of progress but there is still SO FAR to go! We strongly ask you please put some money in our virtual tip jar. Simply go back to the home page and click donate or go to and search KINDRED.

Blessings to all! This has been one of the most important periods of my life. Finding your calling changes everything. It bestows a sense of purpose that settles the restless soul.

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