A database of relatives up to sixth cousins of an individual could be an extremely helpful in locating family members to take in a child and prevent placement in foster services. Many adoption workers have said that there have been many cases where a child put into foster ages out and finds family members if they can. In those cases, the relatives all said that if they would have known what was happening, they would have immediately taken custody.

As it turns out, this service exists. I have a good friend who is a bail bondsman and he gave me the name of a list(which I choose not to share for safety reasons)that does exactly this. He doesn’t have direct access but his superior does. It immediately sparked the idea of using that as one of the very first steps in evaluation of cases where kids either loose or must be removed from the primary family unit.

So now, how to accomplish that. KINDRED can use our network to see if we can find a politician or high ranking law enforcement official that will get behind the cause. We welcome any suggestions from any of our readers. That is our standing policy. Our imperative goal is to save disconnected children’s lives. That requires concrete acceptance of all feedback, positive or negative, and use of it to continue to refine our skills. We need all the help we can get in every way!

The universe astounds me. How things in life domino into everything being connected. I need help with the editing. It should be the simplest thing in the world. I spent a good part of my life not just watching movies but studying the film. I analyze all of it, making my own mental notes, cuts and changes. I am learning but I need to perpetuate the momentum and don’t have time to indulge a learning curve.

I was chatting about this with one of the people who works at my local grocery store. He’s a very, very tall, very sweet young black man named Phillip with the most teddy bear face you can imagine. He always has a smile and is just beaming with the light of his inner sunshine like Michael. As it turns out, he is studying editing and art. He graciously offered to help me speed things up and in return he gets a screen credit. That was a nice little surprise. He even lives only a few blocks away. I love to be able to bring people I see the light in to the project. It reassures me that we are doing our true calling job, following our passion and the world around us is falling, sometimes crashing, into place.

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