Part of making your first production is making some mistakes. Hopefully not fatal ones. This wasn’t too bad but took us by surprise.
When I made my hotel arrangements, we needed modest yet safe and very close to Rachel’s home. And we chose appropriately. I booked the first night through Orbitz and figured I could plead our case to the manager who may be amenable to an arrangement.
So I did and had a lovely conversation with a front desk person who gave me a much lower quote per night and I gave my assurances we would be thanking them in the credits. Aside from an issue here or there, they were very cool my entire stay.
The charge just came through and it’s much higher than we estimated. I went into the bank to check the charge, called Rachel and then the hotel. Politely, I asked to speak to a manager. She got on and I calmly explained that I was there for over a week and my bill was much larger than expected. She checked my account and said that there was no notation of the negotiated rate. Okay…so what do we do now? How can we correct this mistake? I posed it every way that was legitimate.
Not this time kiddo. I should have gotten it in writing. They don’t have to budge and the employee who obviously wasn’t authorized to make this deal isn’t going to cop to it. That’s his ass, so I’ll absorb the lesson and be grateful we are still able to move forward with obtaining our editing equipment and software.
Granted as I’ve shared, I’m a bit off of my game this week. So, I’ll just process and release as quickly as possible. Making KINDRED is something I am extremely passionate about. We only had a certain amount, so far, and we’ve been accounting like mad! We are doing jobs usually requiring a larger staff. And everything we raised for this process matters. We don’t want any of it wasted.
So far that is the worst mistake made, which all things considered isn’t bad. I’m sure I’ll fall over my own feet in this next six months many times, as long as it doesn’t cost the production. And I do literally mean fall over my own feet. There’s a reason our tripod was so essential. We are both clumsy and neither of us is willing to drop the baby camera. Now that I am getting more used to her, she fits in my hand perfectly and I have small hands. It’s what I imagine to be like a well oiled mitt and it’s so small it’s completely unobtrusive.
She has a spot on her own shelf so I can see her at all times. Insane, I know, but in my little world, that’s my new baby and I’m treating her like it. Part of the beginning of a new phase of my life. Shit happens. We are doing great especially since we are learning as we go. So I’m just going to chill out. Be thankful for all I have and all that is yet to be. I wonder what Thanksgiving next year will look like. There are a million variables but I do know one thing for sure; KINDRED WILL GET FINISHED AND MARKETED. Beyond that, I wish thanks and peace and blessings to everyone. Really, everyone. Love is free so send it out there, especially to those I have had issue or disagreements or been screwed over by. Loving those you have reason not to re-enforces your power and helps mentally relinquish negativity.
There are a few individuals I am really loving on right now. Intensely. And that’s okay. So much better than the alternative.

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