That was exhausting but one of the coolest things I have ever done. Shooting KINDRED, beginning the first phase of the film. I’ve been languishing in my deep, comfy chair and cleaning my house one room a day. Today’s was my sons bathroom. I can’t talk about it…
Next we will be putting up a new Indiegogo campaign and new video footage. We wouldn’t have any of this without you generous folks! It is appreciated beyond verbal confirmation.
Back in the swing at home, slowly, and helped my son organize the over 100 items of food pantry donations. I’m so proud of the kid. It’s scary sometimes that I feel I may not be doing the sacred job of motherhood well enough. It’s natural for those that largely mothered themselves and others growing up but we’re not traditionally parented. But even with my many mistakes, it does my heart good to know I’m helping to rase a caring, generous, smart kid.
Well I will be looking over everything this weekend. It’s exciting. I have recordings on Maria(my angel of a camera) and my iPhone 6 plus. I can already tell how I want to cut it together. Now it’s a matter of getting the computer and software to self edit. That’s a weekend excursion, too.
I miss Rachel and her family. They are so laid back and warm. Guess I’ll be spending more time out west. Hopefully, warmer time:) But those folk don’t mess around, for the first time in eons there was a dog in the security line and a tag inside my suitcase telling me it was searched. I wouldn’t recommend taking the risk. Not that I didn’t visit the state of Washington and be in Willie Wonka heaven, it was legal there. The dispensary was in a strip mall. No junkies around. Triple check security. And they didn’t even have Charlottes Web, the one I am most eager to try. So I tried a high CBD strain Blueberry, and it worked. Barely felt a buzz and was able to stop abdominal spasms and work.
Narcotics do not work long term at all safely; why deny people medicine that doesn’t get them high when oxy is legal? I chose to wean myself quickly off but after my hospitalization, I was sent home with at least 80 dilaudid. Makes no sense to me.
Nor does putting people, especially kids, on serious psychotropics. They are so rarely appropriate. Most of these issues can be therapy controlled much more safely.
Friday before Thanksgiving. Wow. Time flies. Six months ago this was a dream. Six months from now, it will be a fully formed film. Life is just amazing.

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