We have officially wrapped principal photography. The week here in the northwest has been incredible. We had priceless conversations. Many a therapist tried but none but us could explain what our childhoods did to us and the amount they were influenced by each other. Healed wounds that nothing else could have given closure. No drama. No bullshit. No tension.
Rach and I shot hours of recording time. We have lots to use but not too, too much. We kept the cuts reasonable but with parameters. The oddest part was being the interviewer. The witness to the story. While I have suffered greatly in my past, it wasn’t like this. And I am grateful and outraged. Why is no one else standing up and screaming fire?! Not a controversial issue. Let’s save abandoned and helpless kids. All in favor…? Good. Please help us! Post production and indie film festival fees are more than we bargained for. Rookie mistake:)
Hopefully another short respite of sleep before leaving for my flight at 8:30. I get home 10pm est. I hope. Hopefully an uneventful flight well two, in between.

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