Wow…I am just blown away. We recorded Mike’s interview yesterday. It was so difficult on myself and Rachel, we both got migraines over confronting the pain Mike’s experienced. Mike was fine, solid, clear and devastatingly sweet and brave. He was rewarded with Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks as he requested.
I primarily interviewed him, but the gravity of his answers until I was watching the playback on Maria, our camera. It was powerful, honest and excruciating. I’ll never understand how people can hurt children. That’s okay. I understand that by exposing them, less kids get hurt.
I was down with a massive headache almost all day. My body didn’t want to hear what Mike was going to say. It physically hurts. We made the day really leisurely and got it all done. Rachel is great about keeping the production moving along. She knows when to give me some time and roughly how much before re-focusing me on task. And she makes sure I eat well and rest. She is an excellent mother indeed. By the end of the day, she was headached out too. We called it an early night.
We have our next interview scheduled today at 1pm. So we have time to go early and experiment with set ups for the shot. I’m really looking forward to it! I enjoy this immensely. Plus, it is my calling. And Rachel is an ace. Let’s hope we can package and sell this project so we can afford to do many, many more.

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