That felt phenomenal. I was scared over nothing and I had fun doing my job. We got great footage of an adoption worker who does special placement beyond DHS, and another Foster to adoption mom who took in a sibling group of three.
I literally bowed in respect to both. If there is anything that can be described as “Gods Work”, surely it must be this. I’m getting the joy of acting as one who aids those who do such soul-wrenching fetes. There’s a word for that, Angel. Hmmm. Angel/writer/director. Would you hire her? I feel like the universe’s contracted publicist, I can’t do what my friend Rachel and these other heroes do, but I can hold the magnifying glass and continuously shout “over here! Look over here. Almost half a million kids in the trust of the system, doesn’t that sound cozy? Help however you can!”
We address mentor programs for hooking positive influences up with a foster child but not assuming physical custody as one way to help almost everyone I personally know is qualified for. Keeping moral buoyant makes a huge impact in final outcomes.
Oh, and Mike is now an employed straight A teen student! He was just hired for his first real employment at Taco Bell and we are so proud! This is a high school gig where it could’ve been his final
destination, and that’s if he was lucky. Unbelievable. So much we do take for granted. Great job. Baby! If I had to survive my slippery slope to get to be an angel for someone as majestic as you kid-let, even for a moment, it’s an honor. You are a hero. I’m just here to shine the light and document it. And I’m grateful to anyone reading this that I’ve been given this opportunity. I’m learning more than I could have imagined about the subject, myself and my choices about the rest of my life.
Happiness will come from melding what I want to do with what I need to do. Continuing to write and shoot projects on this or suicide maybe that are profitable, raise awareness and are artistically well received. I have to make these projects. It’s As strong as any compulsion I’ve ever had, only pure.
Okay. More rest before a long day.

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1 Response to KINDRED #16

  1. Rayray OR says:

    as mom, watching Mike “go there” was so hard. I see the pain from thinking back to the old life and cannot even wrap around in my brain what emotions my child lived . You want to step in but then you have to remember as the mom your job is to love them through healing and growth , the healing is theirs. I really was unsure about Mike doing this but I know as he spoke , even when it was hard , he was getting some power . All those years feeling voiceless and now his voice is out there, his history in his eyes without the lens of a case note, a doctors session, a treatment plan. His resiliency blows my mind and I appreciate him sharing with me there I marvel that he is now so secure in our love for him that he felt ok to say , yes he had to figure out if we were the real deal, trustworthy and ok for him to let go and let us be the parents.He raised himself for good or bad in care and that he learned to trust us and let us love him allowed him to be parented and let go some adult burdens and be a kid . From that all the mind blowing nuisances that make Mike , Mike have emerged and shine. He now has seen that the first job at a fast food place is just that first job to get the car he wants , the spending money for Europe. The first job is not his last job and while he can count back change without a til, his mind which is limitless can now go to engineering and robotic programs or whatever else he sees himself doing along the way . My son will not be a grim statistic another life claimed by aging out of care alone . But the other Mikes in the system , what about them ? As a parent the foster carer system was not good enough for my kid and its not good enough for anyone else s child either . Have we become so complacent in this world that folks will phone in dances with the stars votes and yell about results but cannot find any outrage that children are living sub par lives. This is not the failure of the children but our failure as adults .

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