I am lying here next to a new Cannon xa 10 video camera and it is sexy. Wow. Really excited to use it along with the footage I’ve been getting on my iPhone 6plus. Just cutaways and tests. And one long conversation about a haunted room in someone’s house in North Brunswick.
And I got to experience Voodoo Donuts. Oh lord. I will not leave this city smaller, Rachel’s seeing to that! She is bring a good mama all the way around. The healthier I am, the better I can work. Plus running around here has been a daily workout. Eight flights of stairs to get back to our parking spot and long street walks against slapping cold wind.
Many interviews scheduled for the long weekend, need to sleep as much as I can. Luckily, I’m nice and relaxed and confident that if we just do what we promised, all will be well.
Thank you all for the good will. I’m looking at this camera case, a loan from Michael, and can’t help but think of the person who set me on this path. Gave me the idea I could practically get the movie done. The filmmaker I tried to get back at for fifteen years then, separately, get zen with. Looks like everybody wins, my friend. You get a movie, and you get a baby! Oprah is handing out the fates! Can’t wait to see you as a dad.
The person I miss the most is Ty. I do. I live for my kid. He’s fine, I just prefer being in his company. Must rest. Lots of work to do.

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