Well here it is. I am on the plane making our final approach into Portland. I still am stunned! Hard work, intention and kindness actually manifested something special. I’m just beyond jazzed the be at the helm.
This is all a credit to Mike. He truly is my hero. I always had brass balls, but what he is choosing to do by telling his story to the world takes a breed of bravery usually reserved for RPG characters. At his age, I never would have been able to understand how much good could come from sharing the truth about the bad stuff. The stuff that goes beyond horror in film or abuse in academia.
To take something so painful and ugly and turn it into an opportunity for beauty and joy and change is huge. I’m just the witness, it’s Mike and the kids like him that this is about. And the incredible people who take them in, advocate for them, raise awareness and money…they are what this story is about.
Again, I couldn’t be more grateful; Rachel and I both. This is a miracle how it’s all come and continues to come together. It’s tantric the way it keeps building. We are booking more interviews everyday and people seem really excited to be a part of KINDRED. What a blessing! The universe is revealing more than any of us imagined possible.
Well, I’m bushed. I cannot wait to land, hug my partner with all my soul, and grab some food on the way to my hotel.
We begin work in the morning! Amazing. I am so grateful for this opportunity to help make a dent in this dilapidated artifice. The game as it has been being played is over. Rachel and I are an unstoppable force that will never let this cause go. We live for our kids and this. And now our company, incorporated in Oregon. Good thinking there CFO.
I bid you all goodnight from the friendly skies. May the force be with all of us. May we all believe in magic and manifestation. May we never forget that one voice can make a difference. Our voices our dedicated to Tyler and Michael. Without you two, none of this would be possible. You have taught us what true love means our sons. Thank you. I hope we make you proud!

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