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Thank you for your patience, folks. We have both been very busy and I was out of commission for a week feeling sick. I experienced an epiphany while thinking about how I can best use my talents, all of them, to improve the project and many lives. What I have come to embrace is that I am the equivalent of a 5th degree black belt in shooting my mouth off! It’s true. In the past, at inappropriate times for impulsive reasons. My realization is that to be that kind of a yenta is a gift! As long as I channel it all into helping others, being a loud mouthed, Red headed Jewish mother who grew up in Jersey; it’s possible to use it in a completely positive way!

This is such an exciting time for us! The planning and praying and wishing and conjuring has gotten us to the confirmation that our funds we raised are on the way. We feel so grateful and humbled. It especially helped that about a dozen people helped us get slightly over budget, it covered part of the 4% Indiegogo fee which turned out to be large. I accounted and planned for it my allotting 10% of our budget for it, but the number still stung. We want every cent we can get going towards the ultimate goal.

It’s hard to imagine being one of these kids. I can handle the sympathetic image only because I am directly involved in fixing it. Even being the extrovert of the partnership, I am super sensitive. Simulated violence on children makes me cringe, so this work isn’t easy for me at all. What I needed to do was experience the mentality of what is happening to them and try to let it go. That’s difficult too; I have a temper and a real stubborn streak. Especially time where I see something so very wrong happening.

It’s impossible for me to understand what these little people go through. Even with being orphaned, it wasn’t the same at all. To break it down; they are powerless. They are taken and processed like livestock. Many in foster, group and facility homes are denied everything we take for granted. They are often denied food, denied proper medical care by denying needed medications and forcing ones they arbitrarily choose, denied all “inalienable rights”, denied kindness and compassion and praise and love. They are at the mercy of people who usually truly don’t care about them. They are abused and have no self-defense or person to turn to for help.

That is infuriating. People in any ‘system’ or institution are dehumanized ritualistically. These kids did nothing wrong to deserve to end up where they have, yet they are treated in a blame the victim mentality. That carries over to so many other issues, we have all felt picked on and powerless at some point. Almost every woman I have spoken to admits to having been sexually assaulted but not reporting it for fear of what will happen to be violated again. One friend who told her mother she was being hurt was slapped and told never to say that again. These children are terrified to cry for help and rightfully so.

There is so much to do to help, I ask that everyone who can please get involved! I’ll keep getting loud and assertive as will Rachel, but we really need all the help we can get. We invite you to email us, comment, suggest and volunteer. We begin shooting in November and will need all sorts of legal and post-production and marketing help. And, of course, we need your donations. Even the smallest amount counts in this process. We purposely chose a small budget to optimize our chances of raising the money, but we have only just begun.

Nobody should be treated like they do not matter, yet it is happening to hundreds of thousands of young Americans each day of their lives. So if it takes me getting loud about it for the rest of my life, I pledge to do so. Please help us get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving like never before. Personally, I have a crazy life and a lot of blessings. My heart is more full than ever because I am choosing to be part of the solution. What are you thankful for? How do you measure your gratitude compared to a child living in hell without hope? KINDRED is all about creating hope for these special, wonderful kids.

You may never meet the person that your assistance helped, but there will be a little human being living a safer, happier, productive life all because you believe and donated. Or got involved however you were able. Sometimes, all it takes is one small act of kindness to literally save lives.

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