I really like the good stuff that stuns me silent! Mike just got straight A’s in school! We  had the most wonderful conversation on the phone. He calls me at free moments and we chat. It’s helpful that Rachel and Kim know they can trust me with their child and Mike and I have built up a great rapport. Rachel posted his report card and I jumped on that like Derek Jeter, take that reference any way you like. I re-posted it on Facebook, the site that is largely responsible with getting us our exposure on this project.

I told him how proud I am and his mothers are. He said he was walking home in the rain because they both refused to come and pick him up…because they were both working. I said in a very exaggerated, comical, way, “those bitches!” He and his friends laughed! It was a beautiful moment. It actually was. It struck me that I might never have known this amazing person and how blessed I am to get to make him laugh.

We talked about the upcoming shoot and about how long I would be in town. Then he was asking about the finishing process which is another process I haven’t gotten to yet. I pre-planned but it needs another hard crunch. Faith in the journey. New things reveal themselves daily. As long as we keep doing the right things, the right things will keep manifesting.

Yes, Mike! You did it! After being written off as not having a high scholastic aptitude, being medicated so severely it should be illegal, being through living hell, finding a family that redefines forever and inspiring KINDRED; you topped yourself and proved our point perfectly! How many beautiful children just like you are literally being thrown away? Written off because of any number of factors including the evaluators own incompetence? Mike knows what is in his file as do I. I read it. As a mother, as an advocate, as a child of traumatic circumstance, as a patient, as an evaluator, as a human being on every level I was appalled at the temerity of the remarks made by so-called professionals about a young man that has changed my life.

Thank you Mike. Because you live, you make this life a brighter place to be. Honestly, you amaze me. If I can summon half of your courage, kid, we should all be just fine. I love you. That said, seriously, if I ever do get to meet Jeter…all bets are off. Just saying. We can all dream of straight A’s!

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