Kindred #2

Well, this is still the roller coaster I promised it would be. To the delight of many around me and point of irony for myself, after the shock of the primary budgetary goal being reached…I get the flu and still can’t speak much. Except when it comes to KINDRED and to the topic of foster care. Then it’s like this passion takes over and I can hear what I am saying as I am saying it…but it’s pretty much on a loop. The passion can become so compelling, I don’t recall some of my words until after I’ve said them. Keeps it interesting for all of us! But yes, I’m still under whatever I contracted ten days ago. I’m otherwise being pretty quiet and sleepy.

I hate cold medicine, the way it makes you feel. It’s very unpredictable and can backfire on you fairly easily. So I am at that point, I waited and waited until I really needed it, and now I’m blogging in the wee hours. It’s all good, I’m behind anyway. It all happens for a reason.

I got to thinking(and I never stop) about how each of our stories tie into each others. I spent a good 45 minutes on a call with a support tech from godaddy. He was making a routine call to see if I had any questions about the site, how it works. Bless his heart, I had LOTS! And most I was too embarrassed to admit I couldn’t figure out. Anyway, we ended up talking about the end goal of both the site and the film. He was so enthusiastic! He shared how where he lives out west, there are so many teens on the streets from Mormon households. When they reveal themselves as gay, they may as well be orphans. Thrown out as if they were never their child. How blasphemous! Religion without inclusion will never make sense to me.

So, he donates to this charity that gives them clothes, bikes to be able to get around, and most of all, kindness. I explained how this past week; between me with the flu and my partner with oral surgery, I’m flying somewhat blind. I’ve never built a website before and with a list of fifty things I have to do just in the pre-production phase, I needed some help. And he was so nice and patient and gave great suggestions. I realized that his story of helping those kids tied him to the kids we are trying to help. It’s nice to know that the web can be just as tangled when we are also baring our souls.

The only color we won’t compromise on is KINDRED green. It’s bright, hunter with the sparkle of life behind it. And then we have a palate of earth tones and wintery extracts. I love colors. They can convey so much. What a blessing it is to be able to see. And I feel the same way about these kids. It’s like listening to the words of Amazing Grace for the first time and really HEARING them. I was blind. I had no clue, not that it was this big and bad. Now that I see it, I’m so grateful. My story, my propensity to talk, my tenacity, my experience with pain and loss can all be put to good use. I have the power to choose not to let it be for nothing. I can and want to effect positive change in the world. To serve these children and a higher purpose. To scream fire until people realize these people and our future are burning down.

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